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Quotes about Miluka's lectures:

(Emmy/Golden Globe nominee actress/comedian)

Liz Torres: A fantastic presentation, very informative and delightful!

Phil Correa: Miluka you did an excellent job. Fell in love with your stories and the way you told them. You definitely engaged the audience and gave them a chance to interact. Amazing Grace.

Christopher Scarzo: A truly wonderful presentation and informative. My friend, Robyn, also from SAG, was very impressed. It is important to have a historical record for the generations to come. Very inspirational.

(Author / publicist)

Luis Reyes: You did a great lively informative presentation.

(Senior Librarian, Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library)

Cindy Costales: The presentation was quite an education, fun and entertaining!


Edwin Pagan-Rivera: Miluka, you are an important and Essential part of the Latino film Industry and its contributions. I thank you

(Assembly Woman Candidate)

Michelle V Duman : That’s wonderful Miluka! You are a treasure for the Hispanic community! Your knowledge of the Golden Era of Latinos in Film, particularly, Puerto Rican stars, is incomparable to any other. Thank you for preserving an important part of Latino history.

Partial list of presentations:  (left to right) MOLAA (LB,CA), Bruggemeyer Monterey Park Library CA, FRHC, AGHPR, FLMM, University of Puerto Rico, R.P,  Inter-American, University, El Candil, MAPR, St. Cristobal Fort, Casa de España, Cine-Fest, Kumaras Center, NACOPR-So-Cal, Irvine College, CA.
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