"Five Best Literary Latino Wrtiers of Los Angeles, CA."
~ CBS's Network.

Miluka Rivera is a multi-awarded actress-writer.


"...The printed page tells of the great contrasts that coexist within one same city – from the horrors of gang violence to the glamor attached to Hollywood. Below are five contemporary authors who masterfully keep record of modern life in Los Angeles.


Miluka Rivera is a Puerto Rican author very much interested in the legacy of her compatriots in the overall American culture. She has written a poetry book entitled “Alma Boricua, Alma Boreal” (Puerto Rican Soul) and two books – “Hollywood Latinos Offspring” and “Puerto Rica Legacy in Hollywood.” For the latter, she researched the inclusion of Puerto Rican artists in films dating back a hundred years, searching through library records and newspapers, and in a few cases finding information that would later correct biographies and other works published on the Internet..." 


 (Jul 1, 2013 - CBS" -Newsletter  by Dena Burroughs, is a CSULA graduate with specialties in Creative Writing and Communications. She is a freelance writer for the Examiner).

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2010 - present
2010 - present


Miluka Rivera, is a native of Puerto Rico and is a lauded actress-activist, journalist and poet. She is also the author of five important books, including the acclaimed, “Legado Puertorriqueño en Hollywood (Puerto Rican Legacy in Hollywood) and “Hollywood Latinos Offspring.” Her books presents evidence for the first time of the Latino contributions to the American Cinema pre-dating the silent era, over 100 years ago. Her recent books (in Spanish) are, “Genial Juano Hernandez: from Homeless to a Hollywood Star,” “A Phenomenon Called José Ferrer: The first Latino to win a Tony and an Oscar” and “Alma Boricua, Alma Boreal” a poem book.

As a journalist her articles have appeared in; Hispanic Magazine, Los Angeles Times Newspaper, Screen Actor, Valiente Magazine, Writers Guild of America West Journal, among others. She was a Radio and a Hollywood correspondent for years of: El Nuevo Día, El Vocero Newspapers, Artistas and Vea Magazines. She covered: the “Oscars”, Latin “ACE” Awards, “Grammy’s”, “SAG Awards” events and has interviewed dozens of high profile  celebrities.


Most recently, Ms. Rivera was selected among the “Five best literary Latino writers in Los Angeles, CA by CBS Network (LA’s Best) and received the “Best of our Community” award by the noted organization Comité Noviembre in New York, among many others. 


She served as a former National Board member of the Screen Actors Guild and awarded by the Guild for outstanding service. She was the owner, co-founder and main teacher of the Kumaras Center for the Arts, Dance & Etiquette in Burbank, CA for over 10 years. Besides the weekly classes, the center offered free events, conducted study groups and donated scholarships to local students and organizations.

She offers lecturers and presents her book to Universities, Museums, bookstores and Libraries and Festivals, within the US and Puerto Rico.


"Exceptional Woman of the Year  Award 2010"

by LA Opinion/ LA Times Newpaper).